Yahoo Apps for Android Aviate launch

Google play store has countless home replacement launchers that promise to make your smartphone experience simpler and interactive with a new look and interface. However many of these come with so many tweaks that it is a task unto itself to understand them, One launcher that caught our attention with its simple and organized UI is a Yahoo Aviate.

yahoo aviate launch

Customizing the Settings:

The first setup screen of the yahoo apps for Android Aviate launch lets you select 10 apps that you use most, while the second screen lets you select the type of application you use most. you can choose upto five domains.the launcher offers a clean and simple layout that is divided into five screens and everything is just a swipe away. the sub section screen has app collections that include categories like entertainment, productivity, social, utilities, photography etc. another swipe to right will
take you to the app drawer that displays all the applications on your phone in an alphabetical order.


setup apps

Aviate follows an algorithm( designed by studying the android user interaction with their smartphones) to make your phone smarter by offering intelligent information through out the day, whether you are traveling, at work ,at a restaurant or just relaxing at home, aviate automatically displays apps and information that are useful to you based on what you  are upto. swiping left will take you to the smart home screen where you can set your location, add widgets, app collections, set events and get news updates. it also pulls your most popular contacts into a list of favorites that you can access by just a simple swipe up from the home screen.

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