Google to Make Google Assistant Available to More Smartphones

Google is rolling out update to it’s Google Assistant to make it accessible on more number of Smartphones,  Initially Google released the Google Assistant app was only available on it’s new mobile Google Pixel.

Google Assistant is a direct competitor to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. Google already made Google Assistant available in some of it’s products earlier in Google Home, Google Allo and Android Wear, Now Google is rolling it as a standalone application which will launch with voice command “OK Google” just like Apple’s Siri.

Read this post to know how you can use Google Assitance on Google allo


So from now you can have Assistant on your Android Smartphone and ask it do tasks for you and you can actually have a nice conversation, But there is a catch Google is rolling Google Assistance right now only to Smartphone with Marshmallow and Nought versions.

Google announced that it in the coming weeks the app will be available automatically from Google Playstore to the eligible Android apps.

Google Assistance will be first made available to US-English Speaking people in US then Canada, Australia,

And Google also promised that to make Google Assistance more accessible and will be coming to Cars and Android TV’s too, So from now everyone can be a Iron Man with Google Assistance as Jarvis 😀


Have a look at this video to know the working of the Google Assistance App: