Features of Apple IOS 10 Beta version

Here is the biggest foremost step, that apple has announced on the upgrade version of their IOS  10 that has been credited their views on the launch of new iPhone 7 on September 7 but officially the IOS 10 has on the stage on September 13 with great tips and tricks that users should know about their applications and usage.According to the news from apple after 48hrs of IOS 10 upgrade 20% of apple users had made their fingertips on their new ios 10.Whatever may be the new trend of the mobiles Apple can’t set back in the graphs of users that stands at the peak of the tower.Now im here to get you the clear glance on the features of IOS 10 and tips and tricks that you might had missed to get into.


TOP 5 Features of IOS 10 for Apple users:


Recently a greater one. Apple is getting smarter for any and all funny business about interested homes and the web of things, propelling a devoted application, Home, for controlling every one of the apparatuses that are perfect with HomeKit.

In the event that you open up Home, you’ll see all your HomeKit-good adornments, regardless of which organization makes them, and without much of a stretch control them all from one center point. A considerable lot of these will have 3D Touch easy routes you can drive tap and slide on a dimmer application, for example, to alter light levels. There are some truly decent elements in Home. One is called Scenes, which is viably a pre-tweaked set of conformities over a scope of adornments that you can enact with a solitary tap or Siri order.

In the exhibit, the client is preparing for a catch in Home marked ‘Goodnight’. This conjures a whole flatboat of brilliant home directions it bolts the entryway, conforms the indoor regulator,  So also, there could be a ‘Decent morning Siri’ charge that prepares your home for the day. Home will be incorporated with iOS’s Control Center, and Home notices will be initiative – Apple exhibited an entryway warning that can be 3D Touched, raising a live encourage of the entryway camera and the capacity to open the entryway.
On 19 July, Apple sorted out the “redesign” choice found inside the Control Panel of the HomeKit application.


iPhone camera into a virtual magnifying glass

In the event that you’ve ever needed to utilize your iPhone as an amplifying glass, the Accessibility alternatives in iOS 10 will fill your heart with joy The new Magnifier setting in Accessibility transforms your iPhone camera into a monster amplifying glass with a super-zoom, spotlight, splendor and complexity channel, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. After you’ve peeled a sticker off and are preparing to send it on its joyful way, you can add a moment finger to squeeze to-zoom in or out on the sticker this will make it greater or littler on your message.

On account of another availability include called Magnifier, iOS 10 users can utilize their iPhone camera to truly zoom in on content or a protest at a separation. Once empowered, you can activate the Magnifier by triple tapping on the home catch. In case you’re asking why you can’t simply utilize the implicit Camera application to zoom in, note that the zoom highlight is significantly more intense with Magnifier.To enable this settings head on to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier.


Apple’s own applications used to be a settled feature, and all the better you could do was conceal them from the view. Be that as it may, now you can delete applications, for example, Main, Stocks and Weather simply like you’d erase some other application No more moving them to the last home screen panel to ignore them. You can finally vanish them. Go ahead, just press and hold on one to delete it like you’d delete any other application and you can remove it from the home screen. (and on the off chance that you alter your opinion, they’re in the App Store).


As opposed to manual writing out your corrections, you can tap on your talked expression in the Siri interface and Siri will naturally give a few options with reference to what it thought you said. This has the additional advantage of preparing Siri to better comprehend your voice however you can dependably enter manual content rectification if your associate is off track base. Request that Siri take a selfie, and you’ll be immediately whisked away to the front-confronting camera.

You can likewise ask Siri “Where’s my car?” in the event that you need a fast and exact area, and even get bearings to it. On the off chance that your car has Bluetooth or CarPlay, Maps can consequently show it on a guide, alongside when you last parked the car and space for notes and a photograph of your carport level, in case you’re the kind who overlooks such things. if you are such type of person go give a try in your iPhone for siri to  find out your car…!!!!



Apple’s stock Maps application has been awful for a long time–truly, surprisingly, horrendous. Try not to trust us however. Luckily, the iOS 10 variant of Maps separations itself from the bundles of past discharges magnificently. Not just is the new form of Maps essentially more cleaned overall–it’s brighter and cleaner looking You can send companions your whereabouts speedier than a speeding slug by either squeezing immovably on the Maps symbol to trigger 3D Touch or by tapping on your GPS locator inside Maps itself. (Tapping on the blue GPS locator is additionally convenient in the event that you require your present longitude and scope for any geocaching chases.)

ios-10 maps

As we expected, Apple Music has had a noteworthy visual overhaul – and to be reasonable, it looks great. It likewise gets onscreen verses for a few tunes, in spite of the fact that you may need to sit tight for the verses for your main tune to be added.Better still, while taking Live Photos, your music will keep playing – permitting you to have continuous music sessions.

How about we little more about these tabs. Leading the tab you’re given when you dispatch Apple Music surprisingly, Library. In this tab, you can discover your playlists, scan for artists, collections, melodies and downloaded music. You can even observe your as of late included music at the base of the tab’s page. Obviously, you can alter the menus through the Edit catch found at the upper left-hand corner.
On 19 July, Apple supplanted the “Downloads” segment with ‘Downloaded Music’ inside the Music application.