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The Mountain View tech giant Google has announced two new messaging apps with strong encryption capabilities Google Allo app and Google Duo. These two applications are the main highlights of the Keynote Google I/O event 2016 were the Google’s new messenger app Allo and a new video calling app, Duo were introduced.

Google Allo is a new text messaging application integrated with high end technology, this app allows you to edit the text size, send emoji and more features that are not available in Hangouts. Allo seeks to please those who want casual messaging while Hangouts attend communication between employees.  Despite the new approach, Hangouts will continue to exist as an option multiplatform message, but Google expects people to tip over their new pair of applications and let Hangouts for business communications and increase productivity.


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So what is Google Allo exactly?

Well it is a texting app for various mobile platforms. It is very similar to WhatsApp, but is much cool in many ways than the existing texting apps in the market right now. Google has blend it with the best ingredients of its rivals, incorporating their particular magic and as a result we got this amazing, versatile and fun messaging app. The Mountain View giant have skillfully followed the footsteps of Facebook by not asking the user of Allo to have an active account on there system,user can simply enter the mobile phone number to get started.

In fact, Google Allo seems to look directly into the eyes of Facebook Messenger, since some of the functions has already been outlined by Zuckerberg with M, a virtual assistant budding soon to be incorporated into the messaging application . In the case of Allo, the service also incorporates an artificial intelligence system that makes collecting contextual information and offers a number of answers that understands can be used. For example, if you write to a friend in Allo “yesterday I was at a party,” the system can offer as automatic responses “and how are you?” Or “Did you enjoy yourself?” So it is not necessary to arrive to write a single line.

It is, in essence, the powerful Google engine  and its algorithm, user exploited the service  in a messaging application. This service is so powerful that it works even with a photograph, analyzing their content and providing related responses.

Some cool features of Google Allo :

1. Allo Assistant

The new messaging application will integrate Google Assistant, Google technology leading functions “OK, Google” Google Now to the next level.

2. Allo you can play

When you have a moment of leisure, you can tell him to play a game Allo, Allo very happy and you’ll say yes. Google showed a game called “Emoji game”, which basically tries to guess the name of a movie with emoji.

3. Incognito mode

Allo not only be fun and games, but also security and privacy. This is because an encryption mode or E2E encryption; this means that the conversation from point to point is protected from prying eyes can see what is sent.

4. Different font sizes

With Allo, you can change the font size, depending on what you mean. Have you ever been told that when you use capital is like you’re screaming? Well, Allo you take a step up, because the application allows you to change the font size so that, now, look you’re screaming his lungs.

5. Smart Answers

Thanks to Google Now and Assistant, Allo be able to suggest answers based on the context of the conversation. For example, if the answer you’re looking to meet a photo of a baby, Allo suggest answers like “How beautiful!” or the like. Also, if it detects that the photo is of a dog, Allo determine the size and breed of man’s best friend.

6. Integration with Google services

Like any Google service, Allo will integrate with the various platforms of the company. As a result, when planning a birthday, for example, you can suggest restaurants in the city that are of a certain type of food, writing in the conversation “nearby restaurants Italian food” and addresses of these and your score is displayed.

7. Searches with Google

For the same integration, Assistant Allo be able to perform searches without leaving the app. So you may ask questions of sports scores, actors in movies, check availability and make reservations at restaurants, among other functions

features of google allo